2017/2018--First Exhibited at Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2018

'META' exhibited in the group show 'Matter' in 2018

Useful/ Useless is an exploration of material and form. By sampling contemporary furniture tropes, Hamilton Holmes has pushed recognizable forms into sculptural objects that may be useful, but may also be useless. This work represents the joy of dreaming, designing and building things. These things have no purpose other than beauty--but the visual language can later be developed into useful objects. This formula: [Beauty -> Use] is most fulfilling to the designer, and underpins this exploration. 

These pieces are currently on exhibition, but will be made available for sale in February 2018. Please email or sign up for our newsletter to get information of purchasing the pieces. 


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Useful/Useless 'META' sculpture (part of MATTER--Toronto Design Offsite Festival)

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