Useful/Useless Wood Sculpture

Originally designed in 2018

Useful/ Useless is an exploration of material and form. By sampling contemporary furniture tropes, Hamilton Holmes has pushed recognizable forms into sculptural objects that may be useful, but may also be useless.

The original 5 part series as well as the 6th 'META' sculpture have all been sold to collectors from Paris, Texas, New York City and Toronto. This is now a closed series of 5/5. For available sculptures available in the series please visit our web store. Each piece will be numbered and marked with our studio brand. Each piece is unique as the spalted maple material is variable from piece to piece.

Sculptures are identified from left to right in the grouped image:

Brother, Father, Mother, Uncle, Sister

14”H x 7”W

Spalted Maple

This is Paper Magazine--February 2018--Balance and Uniformity in Useful Useless

Husk Design Blog-- January 2018--Totems, Essential Form and Mystical Protection

First Exhibited at Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2018

'META' exhibited in the group show 'Matter' in 2018

Useful/ Useless was included as #5 in the Designlines Magazine '100 Things we Loved' during Toronto Design Week 2018