Rhythm Rattles

Rhythm Rattle - Unique Solid Wood Rattle

Designed in 2015

This is a project that evolved naturally. Each rattle is a unique piece: different wood grain, wood colours, and turning details. The rattles are experiments in design. They give an opportunity to see how changing details-- line, shape, size, rhythm etc,  can change the overall look and function of this simple thing. 

Quite simply, the rattle provides babies with an object to shake and enjoy. Eventually it helps them refine their motor skills as they learn to shake along to rhythm and use the object as a musical instrument. The rattles are formed from a single piece of wood. The rings are turned off the shaft on the lathe and sanded to a shine. Once smooth, a coat of food safe mineral oil is applied to the wood to give it a satin lustre. This means there are no joints to break and no poisonous finsh involved so that the product will last many generations of fun. 

6”L 1.75”D

One of kind object.

The Rhythm Rattle was very successful in a Kickstarter in 2016. Check out the page here

Rhythm Rattle - Unique Solid Wood Rattle
Rhythm Rattle - Unique Solid Wood Rattle