Nicholas Hamilton Holmes, Owner & Operator
Nicholas Hamilton Holmes holds an Honours combined degree in Sociology/ Anthropology from Carlton University, as well as a college diploma in Furniture Design and Manufacturing from Rosemont Technical College in Montreal. Holmes lives and works in his studio in Hamilton, Ontario

'Our company is focused on producing heirloom quality furniture that is carefully designed, and built by hand. We believe that furniture should be beautiful and long lasting, unlike the majority of products on conventional markets. As time passes, our collection of furniture builds, and our style begins to emerge.  Furniture making is about process, care and dedication, and the Hamilton Holmes brand is devoted to building a company that follows these values.'





The Hamilton Holmes brand is increasingly directed toward making furniture in Small Batches. Limited edition runs of our furniture focus on top quality and designer style, in a collector format. Each piece is a numbered edition, produced by hand in our studio. 


Hamilton Holmes Woodworking and Design also offers custom millwork design, building and installation, often working closely with interior designer Krista Salter to produce beautiful and highly functional built in cabinets.